Ad measurement can be challenging, which is why Mint Measure is so simple and straightforward. Real data, easy to read charts, and most importantly, actionable insights.

Visual analytics

Advanced Metrics

Two products - Spearmint and Peppermint - provide the granularity of data needed for any brand or performance campaign.

These features set us apart from other tools:

  • Deduplicated reach for cross-channel optimizations
  • Custom vendor overlap comparisons
  • Holistic customer journey, including time and cost to convert
  • Manage audiences across 30+ DSPs
  • White glove support & service
The Auditor


Applicable on upper or lower funnel campaigns, these analytics reveal how media is delivered across channels, providing a clear view of each channel’s contribution to the campaign reach.

You’ll be able to answer questions like these:

  • Which channels are driving the most unique reach?
  • What channels should receive more/less budget to increase unique reach?
  • Are users seeing ads across channels? If not, how can they?
  • How long does it take from the first ad exposure to conversion?
The Optimizer


Granular cuts of data designed to take action in-flight and improve campaign performance. These analytics detail specific areas for improvement and allow custom comparisons across vendors and platforms.

Some key metrics include:

  • Conversion rate by channel mix
  • Custom overlap comparison for vendors and audiences
  • Ideal frequency for conversion by vendor/channel/device
  • Customer journey by vendor/channel/device
  • Site visit frequency before conversion (not available in web analytics platforms)

Audit & Optimize

In-flight reporting for near real-time optimizations and improvements

Mint Measure provides frequent analysis and insights
so your campaign gets smarter and more efficient.


Measurement begins with an audit to understand the current delivery and identify the areas for improvement


White glove service, working together with clients we set optimization goals and recommend changes


In-flight optimizations are monitored and tracked; analyze the impact &
set new optimizations

Need a measurement plan?

No commitments and no pressure, we want to help you do great work!

We’ll help develop a measurement approach and learning
roadmap to go with any media plan.