Why Mint Measure?

Measuring advertising effectiveness can be challenging. The Mint Measure platform solves those challenges with quality data, easy-to-read dashboards, and actionable insights – simple and streamlined.


For brands

  • Mint Measure specializes in working with DTC and e-commerce brands to improve marketing effectiveness
  • Unify all your ad channels into a single view to understand what’s working and communicate to internal stakeholders
  • Upgrade from manual excel reporting to our advanced analytics and save time
  • Mint brings the knowledge and expertise to compliment your team. Whether you need a lot or a little guidance, our experts will ensure you have the right measurement plan

For agencies

  • Go deeper than last touch conversions. Optimize cross-channel interactions and drive better results for your clients
  • Hold vendors accountable with granular views into ad delivery
  • Understand how to improve ROAS month over month
  • Exceed client expectations with advanced insights and data-driven optimizations

Use cases

Unified reach & frequency

Reduce waste and improve response rate with minimum & maximum effective delivery to drive action.

Search & social analysis

Measure the overlay of walled to other channels. Deep dive on engagement frequency & incremental results for better budget allocation.

Media mix analysis

Near real-time data shows the most effective channel mix, giving granular details into frequency, sequence, and site engagement.


Best for brands focusing on search, social, affiliates, and remarketing. Get a centralized view of all channels and eliminate duplicate conversion reporting.


Best for brands that use ad channels like display, video, CTV, native, and more. More views of the data give insight into how channels work together.


Best for brands with a large-scale, diverse cross-channel media mix. Drive incremental growth and maximize revenue with new views like retargeting deep dive.


Best for brands advertising at over 20M impressions per month. Please reach out to us for custom programs and pricing.


Cross-stack incrementality

Measuring across individual channels within a brand’s ad stack to identify what’s driving results and how to optimize that spend.

Drive growth by identifying which ad channels deliver incremental results.

Earn 6-12% incremental revenue (annually) by applying in-flight optimizations.

Clients typically reallocate 10-15% of ad spend within the first few months.

92% accuracy for cross-device conversion matching.


30+ DSPs
30+ DSPs
Linear TV & Cable integration
Linear TV & Cable integration
Facebook / Instagram
Facebook / Instagram
Paid Search (Google & Bing)
Paid Search (Google & Bing)
Streaming audio
Streaming audio
Site Direct
Site Direct
Connect your digital conversions to CRM
Connect your digital conversions to CRM

Online conversions, e-commerce sales, foot traffic, and brand awareness.

Need help getting started?

Our experts can develop the right measurement approach for your business to get you started. We bring the expertise so you can focus on your business.