Powerful Analytics Starts With Quality Data

Mint’s analytics unify and deduplicate conversions to give a clear view of how marketing channels work together. Our foundation of 1st party data improves measurement quality and is privacy compliant.


Data foundation

Mint’s 1P data

Collecting 1st party data improves persistency and reliability for all clients. Data is securely stored and analyzed using privacy best practices.

Tapad identity

Using multiple identity tools gives strong coverage across device types and ad environments. Identity is verified across multiple graphs, ensuring delivery to real people.

1st party identity

Privacy compliant 1st party data hashed emails and device IDs, improve the measurement footprint. Clients’ 1st party data can be onboarded to enhance analysis. Connections include CRM platforms, offline data, and CDPs.

Proprietary data processing

Clear answers

There is no model or algorithm to train, we remove the guesswork of fractional attribution methodologies.

Deterministic analysis

We measure the ad delivery, user actions, and the most effective tactics – then analyze using our proprietary process.

In-flight optimizations

Cleaned data shows how the most recent delivery is driving results, enabling in-flight optimizations to improve performance.

No black box algorithm

Our methodology and metrics are transparent, so you can have confidence in the data.

Compound growth

The impact of learning drives long-term performance gains.


Cost of incremental reach


Cost of an incremental click


Cost per incremental site visitor


Cost per incremental conversion

It pays for Itself

We believe effective measurement should be accessible to every brand.

  • Our unique methodology enables us to be ROI positive for 96% of our clients
  • Clean data + actionable insights = Marketing ROI improvement
  • As ad tech veterans we saw the need for our analytics to be actionable and impact the campaign in flight. You can begin optimizing campaigns in as little as a few weeks
  • Clients typically reallocate 10-15% of their ad spend to improve ROAS in the first few months

Need help getting started?

Our experts can develop the right measurement approach for your business to get you started. We bring the expertise so you can focus on your business.