Future-Proof Your Traditional Media Planning Career by Embracing Digitalization

April 6, 2023 -
By Scott Konopasek

Media planning and buying is constantly evolving and adapting, so you must also adapt if you want job security. The digitalization of advertising has changed the way we approach media planning and buying. The lines between traditional channels and digital channels (like TV and CTV) are becoming increasingly blurred. 

Traditional media planners and buyers often worry about being left out in the cold as traditional channels become less popular. The best way to make sure your skills are still valuable isn’t to make a hard pivot into digital, but to embrace digitalization with a hybrid approach.

Own the Digitalization of Your Ad Channels

The easiest way to take this hybrid approach is to own the digitalization of your channels. This means that instead of just planning TV, you take a more holistic view of your entire video strategy across broadcast cable, OTT, CTV, and digital video. This is a more modern approach that focuses on reaching the right people, regardless of how they consume media. You’ll be doing more than just media planning and you’ll level up to collaborating with the digital team to create a unified strategy.

Owning the digitalization of your ad channels means future-proofing your job by adapting to the evolving landscape of media planning and buying.

The Importance of Specialized Knowledge

For as much as people say “terrestrial radio is dead” or “broadcast TV is a dying medium”, there will always be a need to place ads on TV or radio. Traditional media channels will continue to play a role in advertising and there’s so much specialized knowledge that will remain valuable. There’s no need to panic and make a hard pivot away from your areas of expertise. The better approach is to blend the old with the new and become a more well-rounded marketer.

Embracing digitalization with cross-channel planning is the simplest path forward for advertising professionals who have specialized in traditional media. Advertising strategy is increasingly becoming about reaching the right audience regardless of how they consume media, and aligning with that trend will make sure your skills are always in demand.