Easy Analytics

We Make Effective Measurement Easy

We love analytics, but understand that not everyone does. Our team of measurement experts can help you get started with the right approach.


Better insights, less work

The full impact

See activity for ad impressions, not just clicks. Our post-view reporting shows the full impact of ads and removed the bias of clicks and UTMs.

Save time

Save hours each week on reporting! With our platform, no need to manually compile excel reports across platforms.

Fast setup

Track and report on digital ad channels with less than 30 minutes of setup for most clients.

High-quality data

Mint Measure uses 1st party data to provide high-quality, persistent measurement across devices and protect privacy.

Plan your measurement

Does your brand have a measurement strategy to help maximize your ad spend?

We’ll develop a free measurement plan for you, using your brand’s data and KPIs, to help you get started

We help advertisers at all different stages to have the measurement plan that’s right for their business

Easy to understand & act

Our platform is so easy to use that anyone can use it effectively with a little bit of training

We provide materials to guide you through our platform and optimizations so you can make the most of your dashboard each week

Want extra help? Don’t know what steps to take? The Optimization team is always available with optional support hours

Regular Check-ins

We’re with you at every stage during your analytics journey

Included in the Expansion tier and above is a monthly meeting with the Optimization Team to review performance

Mint analyzes your data and brings insights and recommendations specific to your campaign and goals

Monthly meetings can be added to the Starter tier (optional)

Other ways we make it easy

Free measurement planning for most campaigns to ensure clear, accurate results.

We have “do it for me” options for implementation and setup.

Connect your digital KPIs to your CRM to offline sales and activity.

Analyze new users acquired and how to get more.

Whatever your measurement needs, we’re here to help!

Need help getting started?

Our experts can develop the right measurement approach for your business to get you started. We bring the expertise so you can focus on your business.