Direct Ad Measurement

Mint Measure is the superior alternative
to fractional attribution.


Growth analytics

Mint Measure identifies what’s working & proves channel effectiveness. Know what drives results and how to optimize your ad spend.

In Flight Optimization

In-flight optimization and measurement

Improve performance and maximize the impact of your campaign. Always know which channels are driving results and how to optimize them.

Improve ROAS

Improve return on ad spend (ROAS)

Mint Measure analytics gives clear insights into how channels work together so advertisers can better optimize campaign performance. Mint’s measurement pays for itself, resulting in 3-10x ROI.

Unify all Marketing

Centralize all marketing data

Avoid biased attribution and reporting. Mint Measure delivers unbiased insights and centralizes ad channels into a single view, including walled gardens, affiliates, and programmatic – with no duplicate reporting.

Identify the best
media mix

Reduce wasted
ad spend

Drive incremental results

Optimize performance in-flight

The platform

  • The Mint Measure platform solves the challenges of other attribution methodologies, delivering actionable insights for in-flight optimizations that inform long-term strategies
  • The dashboard is updated bi-weekly with cross-channel analysis
  • Get trained in the platform, then choose from optional support

We make measurement easy

  • Dont know much about measurement and analytics?
  • Have a small team and limited bandwidth? No problem, we can help!
  • We are passionate about what we do and help brands through every stage of their analytics journey
  • If you want help getting started, we’d love to connect!

Affordable for everyone

  • We believe every advertiser should have good analytics and data to inform their marketing campaigns, so we built our platform accessible for all advertisers
  • Get 80% of the value of the enterprise attribution at 20% of the cost!
  • Three product tiers allow you to choose the right depth of analytics based on your current business stage

Built for the future

  • Privacy tracking and data are evolving quickly, driven by platforms and consumers
  • Mint Measure uses 1st party data and identity to reduce reliance on cookies
  • We constantly test and innovate to ensure our analytics have the best quality data for your campaigns

Our clients

We work with brands of all sizes, from small e-commerce and DTC brands to publicly traded companies. We can help, whatever your measurement needs are, and we’ll make it easy.

Need help getting started?

Our experts can develop the right measurement approach for your business to get you started. We bring the expertise so you can focus on your business.