A Fresh Take on Attribution

We approach attribution differently. Our Bi-Modal Attribution quantifies both ways ads drive results to give you a complete view of attribution for the first time.

The insights you need

Built by media buyers, for media buyers, Mint’s platform answers the questions that matter most. Move beyond Google Analytics and last touch for a complete view of your ad performance.

See what's working

All your analytics, in a single platform.

Prove Effectiveness

All the details you need to justify your ad spend. 

Spend Smarter

Improve results and track progress over time.

Goodbye 👋 incomplete attribution

In a sophisticated digital world, ad attribution hasn’t kept up – until Mint Measure’s Bi-Modal Attribution.

This new methodology shows both ways ads drive results – incremental contributions and lift on the media mix.

Our fresh approach to attribution solves many of the challenges of single-output technologies. Finally, see the full impact of your ad campaigns in a single platform.

Why Mint Measure?

The end of sampling

Historically attribution data has used samples of 5-20% of campaign data or APIs while making estimations of cross-channel performance.

Our innovative approach allows advertisers track 95% of all ad delivery and deduplicate users from one ad channel to another, creating reliable data from a large sample size and ensuring the accuracy of our data.

Better data from measuring all of your campaign delivery means accurate and trustworthy insights.

"After implementing Mint's recommendations, we lowered our CPA by 17.3% the next month. The next two months, the CPA is still 13% lower than before we started with Mint."

- Delaney, Performance Marketing Manager


Mint Measure provides confidence, transparency, and clarity to prove your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Be Ready for Tough Client Questions

With granular insights and easy-to-ready summaries, you’ll always be able to show the effectiveness of each channel, how ads work together, and see how to optimize.

No more worrying about picking attribution models, data quality, or having the data to justify your ad spend.

Level Up Your Data

Matching platform data to GA and other systems is a pain, but there’s a better way. Mint measure’s data aligns better with platform numbers than anything else. We’re your centralized solution to remove the confusion of which attribution models are ‘right’ and deduplicating results across platforms.

No more reconciling ad platform data with Google Analytics. We directly measure and deduplicate all of your ad and web activity so you can confidently show what’s working

Allocate Confidently

Mint Measure provides analytics that any marketing team can apply to improve performance. Our proprietary metrics allow you to identify your biggest levers for growth and optimization

If you need to improve ROAS, get more efficient, and scale results, we’ve got your back.

We have the analytics you need to reach your goals faster.