A fresh approach to ad measurement.

Forget algorithmic attribution
and probabilistic conversion credit.

Learn the unique contribution of
every channel, reduce media waste,
and inform future investments.

All using a deterministic analysis.

Our Methods

Holistic measurement

For the first time get a complete view of media
performance without multi-touch attribution.

Cross Platform

All digital channels, including search and social

User Based

Outcome based measurement at the user level

Multi Network

30+ DSPs,
& exchanges

Better Reporting

Brand and performance campaigns

Our promise

By using Mint Measure, you will gain insightful understanding
of the campaign delivery across channels with 3 specific outcomes:

  • Know where there is duplicated ad spend and how to correct it
  • Understand the user journey, and how to reach users within the sales cycle
  • Know where media investments will be most efficient
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Working Together

Expert help and white glove service supports your team throughout the campaign.

Testing into the ideal media mix has never been easier!
Easy to use
Setup takes less than 15 mins
for most clients. Really.

Clear to read visual analytics give actionable insights that are
easy to implement.
Expert help
Our optimization team loves data, and they'll help your campaign get better.
Iterative methodology
A high-functioning media plan takes time and multiple optimizations.

Together we'll optimize, learn,
and test into the ideal media
mix for your campaign.

Our Values

We're here to help you succeed, and that's built on trust.

Built from scratch, without a vested interest in media spend
Data informs optimizations that drive efficiency
Clients deserve the data to understand their media holistically

What Customer’s Say

“Mint Measure was so easy to get set up and use. Our client was so happy to get new insights, and the optimizations helped the campaign to get more efficient. The team was great to work with and very knowledgeable!”
-Director,  e-commerce

Need a measurement plan?

No commitments and no pressure, we want to help you do great work!

We’ll help develop a measurement approach and learning
roadmap to go with any media plan.